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The theme of Islam Awareness Week 2009 was
"Al-Mizan" - Finding a Balance in Life

Islam is all about having the right "balance" in all aspects of life. We have to express the Islamic concept of the "Middle Path". The various impacts in life (economy, environment, politics, racial/ethnicity, family, gender), the material and spiritual perspective, balance between this world and the next can all be explored.

IAW 2009 was officially launched in Wellington on Monday, 10 August 2009 at 10.30 am at the Wellington Islamic Centre, 7-11 Queens Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington.

The Muslim community, although ethnically diverse, places great emphasis on equality between different ethnic groups. This is based on our Islamic religious belief. Our imperative in New Zealand is to value this diversity as well as ensuring that ethnic differences do not undermine our unity as Muslims and New Zealanders.

The Muslim community desire to reach out to our fellow New Zealanders - initiatives like Islam Awareness Week highlight the work that needs to be done to increase the awareness of both Muslims and wider New Zealanders, of our respective beliefs and values. I believe we will find we have more in common than we thought. This will lead to a society in which all New Zealanders are understanding, respectful and global achievers.

The world was never the same after September 11, 2001 and events following that. However, the world today is increasingly interconnected. As a result of this interconnection, people of different culture and religious beliefs have converged together. Diversity has made our global societies culturally rich. Yet, it also has presented us with challenges that must be taken seriously so that we are able to create social harmony and peaceful co-existence.

New Zealand is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. The Government has placed utmost importance on promoting and maintaining racial and religious harmony. The provision of equality of opportunity for all New Zealanders to progress has provided the broader context for the growth of social cohesion despite racial and religious diversity. New Zealand's continued emphasis on tolerance and respect for different cultures and religious beliefs allows for the expression of difference without impinging on our laws and social norms. This is commendable.

The New Zealand Muslim community has built up our way of life founded on Islamic beliefs and principles, Over the years, we have worked diligently over to contribute to New Zealand's success. We have striven to preserve our values and, at the same time, made practical adjustments amidst changing social circumstances. Our approach, which is true to our religion and yet pragmatic in its outlook, has enabled us to live as good Muslims in a multi-racial and multi-religious society, and contribute to New Zealand's economic and social development.

All the faiths that are professed and practiced today have one theme in common. That is to work for peace and tranquillity in our thoughts and action as the basic condition for leading our lives as meaningful and acceptable to God Almighty. Making humanity realise the basic truth was the message and the mission of all our Prophets and seers of all ages.

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